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Music Vault brings 12,000 classic concert clips to YouTube


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Even if you weren't born yet on July 7th, 1970, you can now catch The Who's classic Tanglewood concert thanks to Music Vault. It's just unveiled an avalanche of classic concert videos, 12,000 in all, on its YouTube video channel. Those include concerts from The Who, Bob Dylan and Bruce Springsteen (among others); newer shows like Deer Tick in Vermont during Hurricane Irene; and archives from Woodstock, the now-defunct Capitol Theater in New Jersey and the Newport Jazz and Folk festivals. The Music Vault group said it has spent the last two years "restoring, transferring, mixing and mastering thousands of tapes from (its) enormous archive" for the new collection. All told, there are now 13,000 videos totaling nearly 2,000 hours on the site, along with playlists, features and original content. If you've got a couple of hours to spare, check the source -- if not, get a taste with the videos below.

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