iPhone 6 case next to iPhone 5s, iPhone 5s case

Here at TUAW, we will usually pass on the emailed tips that come in from readers showing a Mr. Blurrycam rendition of purported next-generation iPhone or iPad parts. But when a case manufacturer we know and trust sends us a bunch of well-photographed images of an upcoming iPhone 6 case, we take notice and risk the wrath of our very own Chris Rawson, the Rumor Slayer.

Our source notes that he's making a new line of phone cases and that "my case guy sent me the latest batch of samples for final inspection and they included, to my surprise, an iPhone 6 'Phoneblet' case. I say 'phoneblet' because it's bigger, but not Samsung big."

The image at the top of this page shows a bamboo version of the wood case for iPhone 6 (left), an iPhone 5s (center), and a cherry wood case for an iPhone 5s for comparison. Other photos are included in the gallery below, with one section pixelated to conceal pricing information.

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iPhone 6 Case Photos

When the iPhone 6 is officially announced, we'll reveal the name of our source. Until that time, we're keeping the manufacturer name anonymous.

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