Throw the human down the well.
If you've been eyeing Nosgoth from the sidelines and waiting for the day that you could play the game, good news! That day is this week. Specifically, August 7th. The game is kicking off an all-access weekend for potential players starting on Thursday and running through August 10th, allowing anyone who wants in a chance to jump into the game for free and smash some humans or vampires, depending on your preference.

Veteran players still get something extra out of the weekend, with double XP activated the whole time so that everyone can advance that much faster. So whether you've never played the game before or just haven't leveled a particular set of classes yet, you can get a boost through Sunday. You'll also get an exclusive in-game badge for participation. The game's open beta is scheduled to begin this winter, so this will be the first chance in a while for players to get in and see whether they like the game.

[Source: Square-Enix press release]

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