Welcome to a week of Joystiq coverage from GDC Europe and Gamescom, the world's largest game convention. We'll be here all week bringing you the latest news, previews and random observation that may occur in our travels.

There are three press conferences planned for the show:
  • Microsoft is Tuesday at 2PM CEST (8AM ET, 5AM PT, 1PM UK)
  • Sony is Tuesday at 7PM CEST (1PM ET, 10AM PT, 6PM UK)
  • EA is Wednesday at 10AM CEST (4AM ET, 1AM PT, 9AM UK)
Don't yell at us about EA, we didn't schedule that time!

We will also have fresh podcasts every night of the show, featuring special guests talking about the latest trends in the industry and their experiences at the show.

You can also follow us on Twitter @Joystiq for the important news, and our Gamescom team for everything else: @LudwigK, @JessConditt, @SinanKubba, @T_Schulenberg and @Sliwinski.

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