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New wearable wants to help you run better, smarter and safer


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As great as running is for your health, it can also cause you some pain if not done properly -- like a lot of things in life, overdoing it could turn out unwanted results (hello, shin splints). Thankfully, there's a new Kickstarter project which is looking to alleviate some of these issues. Meet runScribe, a tiny sensor that attaches to your shoes and can measure a total of 13 different data points from how you run. These detailed kinematic metrics are then used to provide runners with specific info about their stride, including pace, stride rate, stride length and what part of the foot is being used the most upon touching ground. Moreover, runScribe plans to use crowdsourced data to, hopefully, help prevent any future injuries for people who run avidly, as it'll be able to narrow down some of the causing factors thanks to the data collected by the wearable -- such as high impact forces, excessive pronation, running surface and, yes, bad shoes. Without a doubt, runScribe certainly has potential, let's just hope it doesn't disappoint like some of the once-promising Kickstarters.

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