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Drop it like it's hot with Illumibowl's disco toilet light


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Does your lack of cat-like night vision mean you make a mess when hitting the bathroom at 2 a.m.? Thanks to Kickstarter, that could become a thing of the past. The Illumibowl is an LED light that sticks onto the outside of your toilet and casts a beam of colored light into the commode. No, not a yellow one. The gizmo's motion sensor activates the light when you walk into your powder room and turns off after about a minute of inactivity. Why would you even need one of these? Because temporary blindness to empty your bladder isn't ideal.

The project seems pretty far along, too. Should Illumibowl hit its funding target (it's currently sitting at $12,437 of its $20,000 target with 36 days remaining), devices will ship out this coming January; fairly fast turnaround compared to some crowdfunding campaigns. Perhaps best of all, getting on board only costs $15 -- a small price to pay for hopefully never falling in to the toilet again. For video proof of how it all works, check out the the pledge page and the video embedded below.

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