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Smart wallet puts an end to lost cash and dead phones


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So long as you still need physical ID cards and cash, you'll need something to carry them -- but that doesn't mean that you're stuck with a low-tech purse or wallet. StreetSmart is crowdfunding the SmartWallet, a money holder with both a Bluetooth-connected GPS locator and a 1,000mAh battery to charge your phone. It's not nearly as world-changing as the company's (rather hyperbolic) promo video suggests, but it's potentially handy if you tend to forget your cash or phone when you head out the door. Leave the wallet behind and you'll get a heads-up through an Android or iOS app that will help you find it, including directions within 50 to 150 feet; lose your phone and a button on the wallet will make your mobile device ring.

Like it? You can pledge $75 to $99 to get the SmartWallet, which should ship around March if it meets its funding target. That's a lot to pay for a wallet that doesn't hold a lot of currency (it's more like a glorified money clip), but the battery-and-tracker combo might just prevent a night on the town from turning into a nightmare.

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