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Daily Roundup: Joystiq X Engadget, easy WiFi with Eero and more!


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Joystiq may be gone, but it's not forgotten as we announce a new beginning with Joystiq X Engadget. Meanwhile, Eero wants to create a mesh network to solve your difficult home WiFi issues and Razer's new laptop gives you portable gaming in a powerful package. All that and more of today's top stories can be found below.

Introducing 'Joystiq X Engadget': A new beginning

We may have bid farewell to Joystiq, but the site will live on through Joystiq X Engadget. Get all the details right here.

Eero thinks its tiny box can fix all your WiFi issues

Depending on your living situation, getting a reliable WiFi connection throughout your home can sometimes prove difficult. The folks at Eero think they've tackled this problem.

Razer's new 'Blade' laptop has a touchscreen that won't kill battery life

The new Razer Blade gaming laptop updates the specs of an awesome, portable gaming machine and adds a new touchscreen display, too.

IRL: I spent a month controlling my coffeemaker over WiFi

What's it like making coffee using nothing more than the power of your smartphone? Find out as we take a look at the Mr. Coffee Smart Optimal Brew Coffeemaker with WeMo.

Amazon, Google and Microsoft escape Adblock Plus, for a price

It looks like a number of companies pay Eyeo, the company behind the popular Adblock Plus plugin, for the privilege of bypassing its aggressive filters. The price of admission is reportedly 30 percent of the ad revenue that would otherwise be blocked.

Samsung event teaser hints that "what's next" is a curvy Galaxy

Samsung will unveil its latest flagship smartphone next month. The company sent out invites that contain a shadowy profile of a device looking very similar to the Galaxy Note Edge.

Uber and Google to duke it out over self-driving taxis

Ride-sharing robots might be the next big thing in Silicon Valley. Uber appears to be building a robotics research lab in Pennsylvania, while Google is developing software for hailing rides "most likely in conjunction with its long-in-development driverless car project."

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