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VSCO Cam adds batch editing for your mobile snapshots

Billy Steele

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Adobe delivered the ability to copy and paste edits to multiple images in Lightroom for iOS last month, and now you can do the same with VSCO Cam. With version 4.1 for iOS and 3.2 for Android, the preset-driven app adds a tool that will allow you place edits on multiple shots in your library with a few simple taps. If you're looking to give a dozen images from last weekend the same treatment, this is sure to make the task much easier. And if you mess up, there's a handy undo button to avoid any permanent blunders. Of course, VSCO Cam is free to use (unless you want to buy more presets, natch), while the aforementioned Adobe option requires a Creative Cloud subscription. Both the iOS and Android updates are available in iTunes and Google Play now, if you're feelin' the itch to take 'em a spin.

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