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Samsung has new 360-degree wireless speakers and a better app


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Samsung is releasing three new 360-degree wireless speakers -- the R1, R3 and R5 -- as a follow-up to its Portal-esque R7 device. They're not quite egg-shaped like their predecessor (and its own predecessors), but they feature the same "ring-radiator" technology that helps them fill a room with sound. Plus, they now have a physical user interface on the top panel that allows users to quickly play, pause, adjust the volume and switch music sources.

In addition to launching new hardware, Samsung has updated its Multiroom app, as well. It now supports the Gear S, giving the smartwatch playback, volume and playlist control, and adds a screen that shows the list of available speakers to connect to. Samsung also promises that the revamped app makes it easier to share music across all WiFi connected devices in your home. All three models will be out in the US and Europe by the end of this year and will thankfully be more affordable than the R7, with prices ranging from $199 to $399.

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