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ASUS' ZenWatch 2 is dirt cheap and arrives next month


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It's been a few months now since we first clapped eyes on the ASUS ZenWatch 2, the company's second stab at an Android Wear timepiece. Today, we've got a smattering of new details to go along with those first impressions: specifically, price and availability. The larger 49mm model will cost around €149 (about $170), while the dinkier 45mm variant will set you back €169 ($190). Both will be hitting store shelves worldwide in October. If you need a reminder, the wearables feature a new metal crown, AMOLED screens and a Snapdragon 400 processor. They also support a magnetic charger cable -- an improvement over the old plastic cradle -- and superior dust-and water-resistance ratings of IP67. It'll debut in three colors, silver, gunmetal and rose gold, along with a plethora of rubber, leather and stainless steel straps to help you match your personal sense of style.

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