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Image credit: BBC

BBC America to show social media on 'Doctor Who' reruns

Season 9 repeats will be remixed with BBC-approved fan comments.

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Image Credit: BBC

The latest season of the time-travelling Doctor is all wrapped up, so what should you be doing while you wait for his next adventures? Watching reruns with a sprinkling of social media, apparently. BBC America will soon be rebroadcasting season 9 as "Doctor's Notes," which are essentially regular episodes with fan-made commentary layered on top. They'll include quirky tweets, rambling Tumblr posts, exceptional Instagram fan art and Facebook babble. The BBC says it'll then be coupling these with its own facts and storyboards to keep longtime fans entertained.

The reworked episodes will air every Saturday, starting on January 30th at 9pm ET/6pm PT. It's an intriguing experiment, although we suspect most people would prefer to watch the original, unaltered episodes -- especially if they're catching up and missed the initial broadcast. Still, for Doctor Who bingers it's a quirky excuse to rewatch the show and connect with fellow fans. The whole experience should be a little more family-friendly than reading a live, unedited Twitter feed full of fan vitriol too.

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