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Google's Project Fi no longer requires an invitation to join

You can sign up for the data-savvy cellular service whenever you want, if you have the right device.

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After nearly a year, Google is ready to drop the velvet ropes that have kept Project Fi off-limits for most Americans. As of today, anyone in the US can sign up for the simpler, data-centric wireless service without requiring an invitation -- if you're tired of your existing carrier charging for more data than you use, you can jump ship at any time. You'll still need a Project Fi-friendly smartphone (the Nexus 5X, 6 or 6P) or tablet (the Nexus 9, newer iPads or the Galaxy Tab S) for this to work. However, Google is sweetening the pot by discounting the Nexus 5X to as little as $199 if you buy it at the same time as you activate service. That's a good deal if you're already in the market for a mid-range Android phone.

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