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JBL adds Google Assistant to its Everest line of headphones

The new lineup includes over-ear, on-ear and in-ear options.
Rob LeFebvre, @roblef
01.08.18 in AV

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Samsung-owned Harman International just announced three new models for its JBL Everest line of wireless headphones. The over-ear 710GA, on-ear 310GA and in-ear 110GA all include Google Assistant (hence the GA designation), giving you voice control over your music, phone calls and notifications. All three models will be available this spring for $250, $200 and $100, respectively.

Once you've connected either model to your phone or tablet via Bluetooth 4.1, you can use Google Assistant by touching a sensor on the ear cup or earbud. You can then say things like, "volume up," "tell me about my day" or "play some pop music." The over-ear 710GAs have a 25-hour battery, the 310GA boasts a 20-hour battery, and the 110GAs have an 8-hour rating. These aren't the first headphones optimized for Google Assistant, of course. That honor belongs to the Bose QC35 over-ear model.

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