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'Fork Parker's Crunch Out' is an SNES game made for charity

Devolver will donate the profits to mental health support.
Jon Fingas, @jonfingas
05.10.18 in AV

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Mega Cat Studios/Devolver Digital

Do you still have an original SNES console hiding in the back of your closet? You might want to dig it out. Devolver Digital and Mega Cat Studios are releasing a brand new SNES game, Fork Parker's Crunch Out, with all profits going toward the Take This charity providing support and awareness for mental health issues. The title has you playing Devolver's fictional CFO as he "motivates" game developers to make it through crunch time and release on schedule, quality be damned.

The cartridge is available in a standard $50 edition as well as a $150 limited edition with an LED "monitor" that lights up while you're playing. Both versions are region-free, so you're clear to play wherever you happen to live. Those may seem like steep prices for a title that plays on a decades-old console, but it's really all about funding a good cause -- it's just that you get a very special memento in return for your contribution.

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