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Belkin's latest Wemo light switches work natively with HomeKit

You don't need a bridge to integrate them into an Apple-centric home.

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Until now, using one of Belkin's Wemo Light Switches with Apple's HomeKit has meant attaching a bridge. No more: Belkin is introducing new Light Switches that take advantage of Apple's software-based authentication to offer native HomeKit support. In other words, you don't have to think much about your setup -- you can flick a switch and know that it'll turn on all the lights in your Home app rooms. This isn't completely novel (Philips added HomeKit support to the Hue Tap in 2017), but it's certainly helpful.

The new Wemo Light Switches will arrive during the spring and summer in $40 single-pole and $50 three-way versions. While that's not trivial, it could be justifiable if you don't always want to pull out your phone (or talk to Siri) just to illuminate your way.

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