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IKEA’s smart window blinds hit the US April 1st

There’s no word yet on pricing.

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IKEA is adding to its collection of smart home products, introducing a line of smart window blinds to go along with its range of intelligent lighting products. But while the company's German website had already listed two versions of its smart blinds earlier this week, it was unclear when or if US stores would carry them. Now, the company has confirmed that IKEA stores in the US will start carrying one of the new products on April 1st.

US stores will carry the FYRTUR model, a set of wireless, battery-operated blackout blinds that will work with Alexa, HomeKit and Google Assistant. The blinds' battery is rechargeable and both a charger and a remote control are included with the product. A second, non-blackout version, KADRILJ, won't be available in the US.

There's still no word yet on pricing. But in Europe, the FYRTUR price ranges from €119 to €159, or approximately $137 to $208, depending on the size.

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