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October 28th 2013 1:03 am

How do you take notes in the digital age?

Whether in school, work, or just throughout your day, how do you take notes? Have you committed to opening up some sort of notes app on your phone and typing away? Do you still use pen and paper? Do you use a stylus and a tablet?

Personally, for classes, I'm still attached to pen and paper. I have two notebooks, each have room for three subjects, and that works perfectly for me. When I'm out and about I'll either ask Siri to write a note for me or I'll just try to remember whatever it is. I'm still not quite in the habit of writing anything meaningful on my smartphone. I have tried using a stylus with a tablet, but I've never had a good experience, and doubt I will until I can find something with palm recognition/Wacom support.

Not going to lie though, I still long for the Courier.

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In meetings, I'll either pull out my iPad and use the Notes app or my laptop and use Notepad. It's quick and convenient for writing a quick line or 2 every 5-10 minutes based on whatever is being discussed. It's also neat, so if others want to look at what I wrote, it's not my messy handwriting. Also, I'd frequently need to email some of these notes to others, so it's handy to already have it typed.

When I was in uni and in the German class I now take, I use paper/pen or pencil into the textbooks. When it comes to hefty amounts of notes, nothing can ever beat paper/pen. The number of things that may require a quick drawing or table or strange characters that I haven't figured out how to type yet in German; it would just be a hassle in any digital form.

For personal notes, I use Evernote.
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When I'm in class, I use Evernote with my Macbook, and occasionally with my iPad. It usually depends on the class, because some have us moving around more, and for those I'll use the iPad.
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Everything gets tossed into Google Docs for me. Whether it's notes for a project at work or someone I'm interviewing, or a grocery list of stuff to pick up on the way home. I know I can access it from anywhere and I can easily share it with anyone. It gets a little cluttered , but search is so good I can always find what I'm looking for.
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I use pen and paper because its faster for me to take notes where bringing a laptop is inconvenient**. This includes work meetings where I know my notes will not need to be emailed

Now when I want to take short (1 or 2 line) notes I fire up google keep, and that has the added benefit of adding reminders to them

**For a period when I was an employee of RIM, I could type scary fast on a BlackBerry and could easily hammer out notes. So I would do that.
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When I had access to the hardware, nothing on the market beat Windows 7 and a good digitizer for digital note taking. OneNote was beyond powerful and the Windows version of Evernote supported hand writing.

As I moved away from Windows I've come to rely entirely on Simplenote. I'll put most of my writing in there and if I need to do more full form writing I'll switch to Byword as an external editor via nvALT. I still use Evernote for taking notes and screencaps when watching online classes because I think that's where it excels best.

On the go I'll just launch Simplenote and quickly jot something down. This when I sit down it's at the top of my nvALT list and I can do what I need.

In meetings I'm trying to move to using Simplenote on my iPad just because I think the iPad creates a less impersonal feeling in meetings. I feels meetings need to be quick and efficient, and I've never been to keen on a table full of people staring at a LCD screen. I've thought about picking up an Evernote moleskin and using that when in meetings.

I still think nothing beats a pen+paper for scratch notes. I keep a moleskin next to my coffee stuff with a bunch of notes on grind settings and brew times. The moleskin in my desk is filled with notes about home theater re-wires and programming problem solving.
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For classes, I just take pictures of the lecture slides. What the professor has to tell me is as equally valuable as the slides themselves so I cannot afford to get distracted in note-taking and miss out on what the professor is saying.

For meetings at work, I would bring a pen and notepad mainly to show that I am attentive and take things seriously. Of course, it helps me remember things from the meeting as well.
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I would have loved to had quick access to lecture presentations in college. Sadly even in 2002/2003 teachers still hadn't caught on to lecture sharing.
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I have actually resorted to using Google Keep lately. It's not a mind-blowing app, but it is there and at least I know I won't lose my notes if my phone gets stolen or destroyed.
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I have recently started using this touch pad from Wacom called Bamboo Pad, it comes witha digital stylus apt for taking hand written notes on Word doc or PPT

So far i like it, I bought the wireless one from Flipkart. It is affordable.
For annotation it is working fine for me.
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I bought Wacoms Bamboo Pad, a plug and play device... It is compact and comes with a stylus. I use this product to make notes and it makes my pc a touch pc by providing me with all touch gestures support of windows 8. it makes easier for me to take notes directly into my laptop. A unique product by Wacom.
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