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December 30th 2013 3:44 pm

Roku vs WDTV

I've seen many discussions about Roku vs Chromecast, but none about WDTV.
I had an older version of WDTV & when it came time to update, we did a lot of research & decided on a Roku. Then we researched further & found that the WDTVlive handled more file formats than Roku and bought one.
I still have time to return the WDTVlive if anyone knows why a Roku might be better.

Just want to get the best & most versatile product for the money I had to spend on this, for my not-smart big screen .. don't we all?

Please discuss .. Thanks ;-)

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I use a Roku because it lets me access my Plex server and because it has all the services I want in a streaming box: Netflix, Amazon, and Vudu.
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Roku has much more services, and is the king in TV Set Top Boxs.
Roku supports all the media formats that i try playing in it!
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I adore my Roku 3. See my comment in this thread for details:

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