September 3rd 2011 12:11 am

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by elise428

Is there a bluetooth keyboard that works with both the Kindle Fire and iPad?
My dad has requested a bluetooth keyboard for christmas but he was hoping I could find something that is compatible with both his ipad and kindle fire. I'm not having much luck with my search so I was wondering if anyone has any product suggestions for me. I'm not sure if he has an HD fire or not but i can find out if it makes a difference, I did notice that some that are compatible with android devices are only compatible with the HD fires but again I'm looking for something that can pay...

by awe210

Why Should I Keep My Kindle Fire?
I bought a Kindle Fire back in December, and fell in love. I loved reading and the web capabilities. But the flame has slowly been burning out, and I have been considering selling the tablet on eBay. I really don't want to have that happen. Aside from the casual web browsing, reading and Netflix, I am bored. I need some ideas of how to spice up this tablet-user relationship again.

by timchoi89

If you've had to contact Amazon regarding a defective Fire, what was the experience like?
I just noticed that my sister's Kindle Fire has a slight screen burn-in problem (which I'm sure will get worse) but I don't want to point the problem out and deal with Amazon customer service if getting the Fire repaired/exchanged is a hassle.

If you've had to contact Amazon regarding a defective Fire, what was your experience like? Was it easy? Do they pay for shipping when sending your defective Fire to them?

by rinconorange

I've decided on a 7" tablet. Dedicated tablet over rooted and ROM'd such as Nook Color or Kindle Fire?
I like the 7" form factor and there seem to be a lot of nice choices as far as manufacturer and style are concerned. I really like Samsung but was leaning towards an Iconia. Now there is a 7" Thrive. Should I pick a dedicated Tablet or should I save some money and pick up a Kindle Fire or Nook Color and ROM it.

by dave

Do you still like your Amazon Kindle Fire?
There seems to be some consumer dissatisfaction and backlash growing related to Amazon's foray into the tablet market with the Kindle Fire. It looks like Amazon is promising a major software update soon to fix a number of issues.
  • Kindle Fire Usability Findings:
  • As Kindle Fire Faces Critics, Remedies Are Promised:...
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