by cjtylr

Get 15% off certain Amazon Kindle products today!
In celebration of the FAA's new rules regarding in-flight electronic use, Amazon is offering 15% off a couple of its Kindle products, including its recently released 7-inch HDX. This brings the HDX down to $195, the 2nd-gen Fire to $118, and the entry-level Kindle to just $59.

Use code "ThnksFAA" at checkout to get the deal!


by frankspin

Does a product's repair score really matter to you?
iFixit has become quite popular, and their teardowns of newly announced products always grab the attention of the tech world. Their most recent teardown of the newest Retina model Macbook Pro unsurprisingly scored a 1, and of course it's causing a bit of a stir. While they are often interesting since they provide a real good look at the product, do these teardowns serve any form of relevance anymore? Especially for products like the... Read more →