September 3rd 2011 12:11 am

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  • Features It's missing a lot of "tablet" features. No cameras at all, no ambient light sensor. No hardware buttons such as volume or home. so-so
  • Display Good color reproduction without being overblown, deep blacks, great viewing angles. Definitely the best display for $199. great!
  • Battery life I get easily a week out of it reading for an hour or more every day. great!
  • Ease of use Sometimes the UI can be confusing. so-so
  • Storage capacity For $199, 8 GB isn't bad, and storage really isn't the point. good
  • Design and form factor The design is bland, though functional. The 7" form factor is perfect for reading though. good
  • Portability (size / weight) It's not much heavier than a Kindle Touch, and very thin. great!
  • Durability The soft-touch plastic back feels very durable; with the Gorilla Glass display, you don't have to feel as if it will get damaged in your bag without a case. great!
Detailed review
The Kindle Fire won't do everything the iPad 2 can do, or even the original iPad. That's not the point though. What the Fire does do, it does very well. The integration with Amazon's services, which many use anyway, is top-notch. The browser is quick, and the dual-core 1 GHz processor can handle pretty much anything that Amazon lets you throw at it. If you're a hard-core tablet fanboy, this probably isn't the tablet for you. But if you just want something that just, well, works, this is perfect for you.