September 4th 2012 5:05 pm

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by DanCooper

How would you change Amazon’s Kindle Paperwhite (2012)?
Gone are the days when, if you wanted to read a book in bed, you’d need to take a torch with you. Nowadays, as long as you’ve got a Kindle Paperwhite, the books will happily illuminate themselves. The device’s even front-lighting and engineering outshone the rival Nook, even if it had a slender 2GB of on-board storage and wasn’t as comfortable in the hand. But if you’ve been toting one of these around for the last year, why not tell your friends and colleagues what it’s been like?

by dave

What are your favorite gadgets right now?
It's been awhile! Let's talk about your favorite gadgets that you're using right now. Here's my list -- it's not necessarily the latest and greatest, but this is what helps me get through the day.
1. iPhone 5 - Yeah, yeah. A new edition is coming out soon with a new coat of paint and an oil change. But this thing is critical for me being connected each day. I'm sure if I was using a different phone, it'd also be at the top of this list.... Read more →

by kernco

I'm confused about one aspect of Amazon's Kindle strategy
We recently saw a patch for the Kindle Touch which adds a lot of the new features that were introduced in the Paperwhite. I remember a similar thing happening with the 4th-gen Kindle and Kindle Keyboard, where the new features shipped with the 4th-gen Kindle were added to the Keyboard, but quite a few months later.
I'm skeptical that it takes them this long to prepare these new features for older devices. And even if it did, they could be working on these patches at the same time as they're... Read more →

by marc

gdgt Zeitgeist 2012 Part II: Most-Wanted Products
If you’re a gdgt member, you already know about our lists; you can build a list of every gadget you currently have, used to have, or want, share those lists with friends on social networks, and see what gadgets you have in common with your friends on gdgt. The lists are also a great way for us to track which new products are most popular with our members, and the tables below show some interesting patterns. As expected, there are a lot of... Read more →

by marc

gdgt Zeitgeist 2012, Part I: Best and Worst of the Year
Over the past year, we’ve scored well over a thousand gadgets. Most of those are good products, with gdgt Scores in the mid 70s to low 80s. These are gadgets you aren’t likely to be disappointed with if you get them, but they’re not likely to wow you either. But we also scored some truly great devices, with scores in the upper 80s and 90s, as well as some that were just awful, with scores as low as 50. As with all of the products we... Read more →

by marc

Best of Black Friday
It's Black Friday today. And while we don't necessarily think you should spend the day waiting in line at the mall, it is the official start of the holiday shopping season, so you just might be able to pick up some bargains. To help you get started, we've partnered with Best Buy to pick some great gadgets for everyone on your gift list. ( These include some of our favorite products, like the Apple MacBook Air, Amazon... Read more →

by korbendalis

Perceived Bias: GDGT Score
Rather than just complain about the numbers I decided to actually read the first 5 reviews of the Apple iPad Gen 4, Gen 3, iPad Mini, Samsung Nexus 10, Asus Nexus 7, and Kindle Paperwhite. Then I looked at the Reviews FAQ that Ryan Block posted to determine how gdgt assessed the gdgt score. I see that the Critic reviews do not tie into the gdgt scoring system (or if they do, I cannot look at the score, but rather am directed to the site of the Critic). I also see that the score is not based on a... Read more →

by alemacgo

Does it bother you not being able to turn the light off?
I've read on the Amazon forums that it's not possible to turn the light completely off (it only turns off when you put it to sleep). Now, I own a Kindle Keyboard, and I'm used to the matte, glow-less screen, and I think I would mostly use a Paperwhite with the lowest light setting, even in brightly lit places.

Has it bothered you that the light is impossible to turn completely off? How has the reading experience been so far, compared with other Kindles?

by alfarmer

The Big "White" Lie
I believe Amazon should be held criminally liable for the DRASTIC difference between their sales pitch, marketing representations, and the product they delivered. Everyone is "happy" just because it's better than the Nook, but there are a lot of voices out there who are being ignored that wanted what Amazon promised they would get:
* Perfectly Balanced Whiteness (backed up by ALL the images on the product page)
* We worked on Kindle Paperwhite for over two years to perfect the uniformity of the... Read more →

by groovechicken

Windows 8 and the Myth of the All-Purpose Device
With the release of Windows 8 and its ecosystem of hardware near at hand, I have been thinking about the ancient (in technology years) myth of the all-purpose device. This myth is one every geek knows and dreams of. The idea of having a single device that you carry around that can meet all of the technology needs you have is one that has captured the imagination since the days of the first "portable" computers. For geeks everywhere, though, it is ultimately a dream that leaves us depressed and... Read more →

by miguelakira

Paperwhite technology in non-touch Kindles?
I think that the new paperwhite technology is awesome. The screen seems so white that I could really think it's real paper. But i really don't like the touch kindles - my fingers often wander on the screen when I'm holding it, and I keep having to go back one or more pages. Also, enjoy the page-turning buttons. Could Amazon launch a new Kindle non-touch with paperwhite technology before the 1-year cycle? Or should Ibet on it's competitors to release such device? Is there anyone out there that...

by thesheep

What is behind Amazon's strategy of US-only releases for new tablet models?
With the original Kindle Fire and now the new Kindle Paperwhite, Amazon has adopted a strategy of US only release, with availability in other countries coming a long time later, if ever. What is the real reason behind this strategy, and is it a good move? Is it to try out new products that are loss-leaders and so limit the potential costs on these while they try them out? Is it purely a logistical supply issue? Aside from the fact that the strategy is pretty frustrating for customers outside the...

by marc

Will Amazon's new Kindles catch fire?
With today's announcement of three new Kindle tablets, a backlit e-ink Kindle, and a price cut on its basic Kindle (not to mention an affordable 4G plan for its high-end tablet), Amazon has covered just about every end of the e-reader market, and most of the tablet market as well. But will it be able to compete successfully against everyone from Barnes and Noble to Samsung and Apple?
Based on Amazon's approach -- CEO Jeff Bezos made it clear today that the company's approach is to highlight... Read more →