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by pinoyhatdog

HD 7500G gaming performance as compared to Intel's HD 4000 (Ivy Bridge)

I'm planning on getting this "sleekbook" and though it's mainly going to be a media-consumption device, I plan to also use for some light weight gaming such as Left 4 Dead 2, DoTA 2, etc.

Do note, I'm not looking to play these games at high settings - though of course the ability to play at higher settings would be nicer.

How do you think it would fare, especially as compared to Ivy Bridge? Because I know the games I play are playable using I've Bridge.


by dave

Why do you have an AMD or Intel CPU in your custom gaming PC?
Alright, for those who've built a computer -- which processor did you go with? The Intel Core i5 / i7 Sandy Bridge variants are super slick. But they also cost a pretty penny over the AMD equivalents. It looks like one can get an AMD Phenom II X4 975 Black Edition Quad-Core CPU for pretty cheap. If you pair it with a decent graphics cards, are you going to be taking a huge performance hit compared to a Core i5? Is it a worthwhile investment to go the AMD route, or would you just go all in with a...