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by Iveoles

Ethernet bridge
Hi I'm trying to use the airport express as a wireless to wired bridge. I've get it connected to the wifi and connected to a Windows PC. The PC gets an IP and the correct default gateway, it can ping the express but it cannot ping the gateway or connect to the internet. I'm using the airport on the "join wireless network mode". Is it capable of doing this or am I wasting my time? It seems as though I'm missing a small step. Just to confirm its a Wireless N 1st Edition. Thanks guys Adam

by altuixde

Is the volume control for the analog out digital or analog?
I have the original AirPort Express that was released in 2004. I believe I've read that a 16-bit digital volume control noticeably degrades the sound unless the volume is at 100%. Since this AirPort Express can only receive 16-bit audio, I'm assuming that its internal volume control is also 16-bit (if it's a digital volume control). If this AirPort Express has an analog volume control, however, there should be no such degradation when setting the volume lower than 100%.

by manjo

airtunes and extending network range
I got a new cable router recently so moved my Airport Express upstairs to extend the network range. The light on the Express is green so it should be extending the network however I no longer see the option to use Airplay from my iPhone or iPad when speakers are plugged in to the Express. Does anyone else have experience of using AirPlay on a router which is extending a wifi network?


by danedeasy

What's a great starter home stereo system?
My friend has a 32" Samsung HDTV, and Apple TV and an Airport Express for networking. She wants to be able to AirPlay audio to the home stereo as well as pipe audio from the HDTV and the Apple TV to the stereo system as well. She also has a DVD player that I guess could either be routed through the HDTV or put directly in the stereo.

Something high quality (with a subwoofer most likely) and reasonably priced. Not sure if 5.1 is needed. Probably just a 2.1 would be best. Any recommendations GDGT?

by Grosvold

Can I connect a wired-only device to my wireless network using an Airport Express?
My main router is an Airport Extreme. I recently bought a Blu-ray player that only has wired internet (Ethernet-port). Since it is inconvenient to get a cable from the Extreme to where the Blu-ray player is standing I want an Express to share its wireless connection with the Blu-ray player via its Ethernet-port. Is this possible?

by silentmemories

When is the next Apple AirPort Express refresh? (Any predictions?)
I've been waiting for the Airport Express for quite a while already (Since 2009, I think.). I haven't purchased it yet though because i have been waiting for the next refresh since the price is quite high for such a device (Can't get it refurbished - don't have eBay and Craiglist here.). Any predictions for the next refresh?

by nitehawk

I am looking into a refurbed Apple Airport Express.
For what it does $70 on the apple website doesn't seem bad, but I realized that the product is about 2 years old. Is apple going to make a new (better) one? Should I buy the old model off of ebay/amazon.com? If I could get it for only $50 that would be sweet, but the more I look, the more it seems that it's just the same to get it from the Apple website. Thoughts? I would be using it as a router, possibly for wireless printing, and definitely for the wireless music hookup. Anyone have...

by birlic

I have internet connection through a DSL cable plugged into a modem which is also a router.
I've bought an AirPort Express in order to stream music from iTunes to my stereo. I've set up the Express in client mode in order to join my wireless network already in place. Now I have a problem with my internet connection when the Express is joining the existing wireless network i.e. the internet is killed when Express is working. After the Express is plugged off and the router is restarted, the internet connection is ok. Do you have any ideas how to make these two devices to work...

by jaydec

Connect Airport Express to existing wireless network?
I am presently using XP and a Linksys Wireless Router. I do not want to disconnect the Linksys router and use the Airport Express for it's Airtunes capabilities only - I have an ITouch wihich has the ITunes remote function. My stereo is in another room and I wanted to know if I can connect to my wireless network (using WEP Encryption) I have 'general' knowledge of computers. Also, does the Express need to be connect via ethernet during initial set up? Thank you Jason