by nitehawk

Problem with Modem, router or setup?
I have had a NETGEAR WNR1000 for at least 2 years and decided to buy an Apple Airport Express (Refurb) so I could take advantage of Airplay, Airprint and possibly have a better wireless router because Apple products are expected to perform among the best. I set up Airplay and though it was tricky at first, I got Airprint set up (I have an iPhone, but use a PC). However, now it seems that I am having more issues with my internet connection with my laptop. I played with the settings adjusting the... Read more →

by irtehawesome

Airport Express as range extender (Linksys router)
I've got a home with one Macbook and several machines running Windows 7. I currently have A wireless-N router (the Linksys WRT160NL) and want a wireless way to extend the range. I heard the Airport express can do this wirelessly (so no need to plug an Ethernet cable to it, and also convenient that it plugs straight into the wall), but heard that this only works well on a network that's connected via Airport Extreme (although some say will work on any network). Here's the actual...

by halfbrick8

As a wireless bridge - while still using AirTunes?
I'm thinking about getting one of these puppies in order to get wireless to my xbox 360 (rather than buying the ridiculously expensive 360 wireless adapter). My router is a Buffalo AirStation WBR2-G54 (http://gdgt.com/buffalo/airstation/wbr2-g54/) running the tomato firmware. My question basically is, will the airport express let me plug my 360 into its ethernet port and share my home network over that port. And if it can do this, will I still be able to plug my home theater receiver into...

by drebes

10 user limit?
Hello there, I'm a long time user of the Airport Express. I'm considering to use it soon for sharing a wired connection between a medium sized group of people (about 30 users), and remember having read that it has a 10 user limit for connection sharing. Is this a hard limit (that is, the base will stop providing IP addresses by DHCP after the 10th user), or a soft one (that is, the connection will only get slow)? Anyone has acutally tried that? Regards,

by scott03atm

Airport Extreme/Express Range
I need to stretch a WiFi signal across two houses roughly 100 feet apart. I have read that Apples Airport Express can be used to extend the range of a wireless network when used in conjunction with an Airport Extreme Base Station. Does anyone have any experience with this? If so, how far have you been able to stretch the signal?

by miked378

Use USB port to charge iPhone/iPod
I take my Airport Express when traveling, so if I get a hotel that has only wired Internet, I can set up a wireless network in the room and get on wifi with my laptop and phone. A nice feature that I read about recently on a blog was the ability to use the USB port along with a dock cable to charge my iPhone! Not that carrying one of the newer adapters is a burden, but hey, one less thing to carry! I see mo reason why it wouldn't work with any other USB powered phone or device.

by Saturdays

Great Product: improved with Airfoil
I love this product and with Airfoil it just makes it waay better. Ihave been using Airfoil with airport express since i owned the previous 802.11g version. I watch movies and stream audio synced to the video wirelessly. the program is great and really makes the money worthwhile. Its pretty neat sitting on my bed with a movie playing and audio synced if only i can sync EyeTV and Airfoil so i can watch Live TV and the audio wouldnt lag.

by drebes

Wireless bridging two wired networks
One of the cool features of this base (which I never saw in the documentation) is that when the base is set as a WDS client (extending the range of a wireless network from another Airport base station) you can plug wired ethernet devices on it's ethernet port and it will bridge between this wired device and wired devices connected at the main WDS base.