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I bought my AirPort Express under emergency circumstances. My ancient Linksys unit gave it up after many years of faithful service. The nearest electronics retailer was out of AirPort Extremes. I grabbed this.

It was set up and working in a few minutes.

I had not even considered the AirTunes feature or the USB port prior to purchase. I began using them both immediately.

I hooked it to my stereo, began using AirTunes off my Mac, with my iPod Touch as the remote. Perfect device integration.

I moved my external storage drive to the USB port. No manual unplugging and replugging when I take my laptop with me.

I have since bought an AEBS. I use the express as an extender and for AirTunes. I also take it with when I travel. Its great for hotel room WiFi and can charge my iPhone at the same time.