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I love the often touted feature of AirTunes, being able to stream itunes audio from any one of my 3 macs and 2 PCs to a stereo system in the living room. I never have to hunt for CDs again (even though it has a now useless 5 cd changer) This setup is simple and requires only a 3/4" to whatever input your particular radio requires (mine uses a dual RCA connection) One additional feature is being able to use the remote app for an iPod Touch or iPhone to control the output.

One often overlooked feature of this tiny networking terror is extending an existing network. I also have the network in my house setup with an airport extreme. Using the airport utility you are able to extend the network, in my case from upstairs to down, thus increasing your connectible wifi coverage in the house. This setup was painless and has never had to be touched again, nor does it interfere with the ability to share audio and even an attached USB printer. I fully recommend the combination of an airport extreme and express to anyone who owns at least one apple computer.