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Detailed review
I bought this really just to connect my speakers to in another room. I was faintly aware that it would also serve as a wifi access point but didnt plan to use it for that. But since that first purchase I keep finding things it can do that are useful. I keeps reinventing itself for me.

For a while I used it to share a printer between my 2 macs.

Then for a while it was just a music extender.

When I'm away from home it gets used as a Wifi hotspot in NAT mode to share an internet connection.

Right now it's a second Wifi hotspot in my house, extending my Wifi upstairs - running in bridge mode so it doesn't do NAT.

It can also work as a Wifi range extender - I've not tried that yet.

Really the simple variety of things this unit can do makes it a no-brainer purchase but on top of that it does these things very well. It feels solidly built. It's small and easy to pack. The only slight fly in the ointment is the lack of a web based configuration option. The mac based airport express utility is fine and comes with MacOS but the PC version feels more flimsy and needs to be installed from the CD. It's hard to find on the Apple site and if you happen to not have it on your laptop when travelling with the Airport express you're stuck.

But that one wrinkle aside it's still a fantastic value little unit. I'm delighted with mine.