February 4th 2013 2:45 pm

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  • Ease of use Was impressed on this point. This really is were it make it easy to set up a wireless network for people without knowledge of WiFi. It is quick and easy. great!
  • Speed / throughput One months and no reboot and slowdown. I had suspected it, but it I always nailed down the bottleneck to my ISP or router when I got small slowdown. It is solid great!
  • Configurability / networking features Limited out there. My main router is a PfSense box and the Extreme is much more simple. Will do the job for people that down want the advanced features. so-so
  • Reliability Had no reboot and slowdown related to WiFi since purchase. I also feel it is struggling a lot more under pressure. It feel rock solid up to now. great!
  • Range It is giving me whole house 5/5 coverage which I didn't have with my previous airport Express and d-link. It is a powerful Wifi endpoint. good
  • Durability Will take a guess here. Can't really report since I'm at 1 month of ownership. good
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Previously had a Airport Express (2nd generation) as a main WiFi access point. I do have a PfSense router so I was simply looking for a better WiFi access point for my house. I do have multiple PC in my house but they are all hardwired. Laptop, tablet and phones are all Apple Brand so it was more logical choose for me to get the Extreme Router.

Even if I'm a tech lover, I was impressed on how easy it was to configure the new router. No need to have it receive a IP address, simply plug it out start up Airport Utility and follow the instruction on the newly detected devise. In a matter of 2 minutes my Extreme router copied all settings of my previous Express router. The express got factory default and was up and new access point was running without trouble. Well done on this Apple.

On a performance point of view I now have full 5/5 coverage. Some part of my house need to rely on 2.4Ghz but main floor get full 5Ghz coverage. I feel it stronger and more multitasked than the previous Express. I can start a full speed 5Gig download on a computer and all other device are still snappy to access internet and/or internal network.

On the range I would have liked a bit more outdoor range. It might be the location of the Extreme that affect this. I still have 3/5 or 4/5 at the end of my backyard which is 80 feet+ away from airport. But even with this signal strength, it does respond perfectly.

In our modern world with so much WiFi devices, I think this is a well worth spended money and I should have done it before.
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