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by johncolucci

Can you really cut the cord?
We've been living in a streaming world for quite some time. Be it Netflix, Amazon Video, or any number of new media providers, entertainment can be found in a multitude of ways across a myriad of devices, such as Roku, Chromecast and Apple TV. This week, NimbleTV also announced its launch in New York City, finally offering an almost full cable experience without needing a subscription to a cable or satellite provider.
But can you really cut the tightly connected coaxial cable from your wall?... Read more →

by TgD

What it will take for the Nexus Q to be successful.
News broke that Google was going to delay the launch of the Nexus Q to improve its product before the launch. This is almost definitely due to the negative press and public reception of the device. In fact, gdgt awarded the device a lowly 56 with the conclusion to pass on it. (3rd lowest score in gdgt history I believe)
So with Google now taking the time to re-engineer, I was thinking what it would need to be successful, and I am interested in your opinions on this too.
I feel that the Nexus Q... Read more →

by Fanfoot

Predictions for 2012
Seems like a worthwhile topic of discussion is predictions for 2012. I know a lot of podcast hosts are doing it around now since it gives them a podcast to drop in the hopper while they're off on vacation. Seems like there might be some worthwhile opinions on this forum, so maybe this'll catch a few comments.

I'd suggest:
- Make all your predictions in one post
- Comment on others predictions by replying to their post.
- Make your own predictions by replying to this root post.

by peter

For Apple, making a TV would be easy. It's changing TV that's hard.
This is an updated version of what I posted last week. Will appear in this week's gdgt newsletter. Go to gdgt.com/newsletter to subscribe.
I don't think anyone doubts that Apple could make a stunning HDTV. It'd look great, have an amazingly crisp screen, and sport a clean, intuitive interface with impressive features like Siri-powered voice control, access to tons of apps, and an HD FaceTime cam. It'd probably make every other HDTV on the market seem clunky by comparison.
That's the easy part. We... Read more →

by lrmat

What am i not getting here? i have a Western Digital WDTV Live Plus and love it. why would i be interested in the Roku or Apple alternatives?
I can see Google TV being of interest to me, but what's the deal with these guys? the WDTV has such a vast codec support and has Netflix and the chip it has would allow other sites like amazon to be added. enlighten me.

by SteveoSaurusRex

One of the things that interests me most about Google TV is the ability to have access to the full internet from the TV.
This would make an excellent gift for my parents, aunt and uncles as it should give them access to Gmail/Email and Facebook, in addition to video content. However, rumored prices have it at $300, which would be a major disincentive. DVR capabilities is not a major concern for me. For me, Web Browsing is make or break. Do Roku players, or Apple TV have web browsing abilities/access to the FULL internet?

by gansscr

I've had an Apple TV player for several years....a 32Gb, which I don't believe they make anymore. It does well for my needs...
could use a larger capacity one by now...however, I discovered, if you have a powerful enough PC and leave iTunes open, whatever you were not able to fit on the Apple TV itself, will stream through iTunes off your PC to your TV.....I experience a little lag, but that is probably because I store everything on an external hard drive....so it needs to tell the computer to wake up the external hard drive if it's been "asleep", and pull data from there.....still pretty nice.....but...

by notgary

The convergence of TV and the internet is an idea that has only really taken off on the torrent sites, but has a lot of potential, especially if someone can…
make a device/platform to which content creators can latch on to, the way magazine publishers are limpetting themselves to the iPad. The problem is that no one has yet produced a product that can fully replace a laptop connected to a TV/projector. Today, there are three main options for doing this: 1) Apple TV/Xbox 360 These both have pretty much the same story to them: you buy content from the respective stores, through the device, then watch it on your TV. Apple TV can transfer content from... Read more →

by dave

People of Lava Scandinavia - An Android powered HDTV?
There's been some buzz over this television recently because of the fact it uses Android to display a bunch of internet related media. It seems like this is the future of of televisions (containing onboard, interactive firmware or operating systems that connect to the internet). Is it really necessary though. Every year, we see manufacturers release another hundred individual models of their latest and greatest HDTV in every size. I don't think there's much incentive for them to... Read more →

by Politik

Just finished listening to the Engadget podcast (thanks to a drunk woman yelling into her blackberry outside my window and waking me up).
Anyway, I'm curious as to what Apple's "next big thing" will be (real and/or predicted)? The rumors I'v seen picked up are: (1) An Apple branded HD TV (with internet capabilities and Iphone/Ipad functionality), (2) A Netbook (why this makes sense, god only knows) and (3) A broader move into the electronic appliances market. Rumor 1 sounds somewhat credibility and it would definitely be one sexy TV (PLEASE NOT 3D). Rumor 2 makes absolutely NO sense given a) The release of... Read more →

by groovechicken

Boxee Beta saves the AppleTV!
I just installed the Boxee Beta on my AppleTV last night and it is stunning! There are still some things I like a little better about the controls in XBMC for navigating lists, but this is really an amazing piece of work. The Queue feature, though, is sheer brilliance. It finally does everything I need a network player to do, so I am sold. I did not experience any performance issues, despite the anemic hardware, so this bodes well for the Boxee Box and other devices that will be coming soon. It... Read more →

by kn0x

H264 MKV 720p/1080p Now possible with XBMC! (Experimental)
Hey guys! For anyone looking to take even more advantage from the Apple TV, there's now a way to play almost any HD content with XBMC (previously impossible due to the lack of CPU power). The dev team at XBMC found a way to use a Broadcom chip (Crystal HD) instead of the Wireless card to decode those 720p/1080p MKV files! Of course the tradeoff is a wired-only apple TV but for the 23$ that the chip costs and the very little time it takes (assuming you are familiar with this type of things)... Read more →