July 15th 2009 6:41 pm

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Apple TV does what Apple wants it to do, get you to spend money in the apple store. Where’s Hulu or other web video, not YouTube?

I use this device as a media player. I have content on a Windows Home Server and this device plays it pretty flawlessly. There are a few minor issues requiring a hard restart at times and I can’t seem to get the newest versions of iTunes loaded on the server. It says that it can’t be installed on it. iTunes is needed to allow this to all work but each time a new version comes out there is a pop up window (which can be disabled) that will stop the content from appearing on the Apple TV until the server is logged into and the popup window closed. iTunes is updated a lot it seems.

In an ideal world this would be hacked or opened up. We all know Apple would never open it up and I have tried the Boxee hack a few times. But with each update to Apple TV it required a new hack since Apple killed Boxee with every update. Then with the Hulu/Boxee issues I have stopped doing the hack.

If I could install the Hulu desktop app on Apple TV it would be worth it alone. As it is Apple TV is an expensive way to get iTunes to play on your TV.

An Apple Mini will do the same thing and allow you to install things like Boxee, Hulu Desktop and other things I’m sure and be plugged into your TV, with a remote for a little more. That’s the way to go at this point in my opinion.