July 20th 2009 2:38 pm

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theredhead theredhead

This display is truly gorgeous, I've bought mine secondhand about 5 years ago and I've used it with a cube, a range of apple powerbooks and macbooks and now an iMac. Though the brightness is starting to fade somewhat the picture is still quite crisp (after all these years) The only downsides to...

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cycomachead cycomachead

It's Apple's monitor. It's a 16:10 aspect and anti-glare display in a sturdy enclosure. They last long and have a nice single cable with DVI, firewire 400, and USB2. The only downside is that the display is fw400, which is a bit difficult to use now, but works perfectly fine with an adapter....

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thesheep thesheep

A great monitor, I love it. From back in the days when Apple didn't put that horrible gloss on every screen, this monitor is great for design work, but not so great if you want to check your makeup.

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