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Buis Buis

I got used to working on this display really fast. Then all other displays seem ridiculously small, with faded colors, off whites and uneven lighting. I had it next to my CRT and it has a bigger gamut. Very, very nice. Its lighting is incredibly even and a good 6300°K. The brightness can be too...

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inoxdragoon inoxdragoon

We have a few of these at the company I work at and they're good for a number of things, just dont push it. Watching videos can give you a headache with its blur, and using it for video editing is mind numbing. For what you pay for it, you should demand better. When calibrating colors on...

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billchristian billchristian

I love it but I bought quite some time ago. Really want a new one with only USB or the Thunderbolt connections. 30” might be a too bit large as well.

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ArmpitOfDeath ArmpitOfDeath

My most unreliable 30-incher by far to date. Extraordinary temperature-related issues (intermittent monitor operation in low temps - and we aren't exactly talking arctic conditions), panel or PSU failures, etc. Looks, and resulting domestic-decor-friendliness about the only outstanding...

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