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  • Speed and features Apple's control over both their hardware and operating system means a perfect harmony between the two. good
  • Design and form factor A thing of beauty from all angles. great!
  • Expandability People don't buy all-in-ones so they can open the thing and do stuff inside. 2 Thunderbolt ports and 4 USB3 ports should future-proof this iMac for consumers. good
  • Noise What noise?! great!
  • Size and weight Much lighter than previous iMacs. Not that weight matters for a desktop machine. good
  • Power consumption No comments great!
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Thinner but so what? I don't care if it is 1/4" or 1" thick. There are two feet behind it anyway. I'd liked to have seen Retina and touch. Also built in backup for crash free situations.

I do not see retina, of this size, coming anytime soon without the price being so high even we Apple people will not pay it. There is a lot more to this model other than it being thin. This I guess depends upon which previous model you are upgrading from.