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  • Speed and features It's fast, it's a beast. Especially with an SSD or the Fusion Drive. No slow downs or stutterings at all. Even with a couple of VM's churning along. great!
  • Design and form factor To me Apple always designs beautiful products. Though the design is somewhat false advertising, still very thin for what it is capable of. Simple and elegant. great!
  • Expandability It's an all in-one so I think it doesn't need any explanation the upgradeability is not the best out there. You can upgrade RAM but only on 27" models! poor
  • Noise You can hear the Fusion Drive or the fan spinning at times but it's very very silent. great!
  • Size and weight If you choose 27" you can't complain about size. I think it's a perfect size with a lot of screen real estate. It's also not light but not heavy either. great!
  • Power consumption No comments
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One of the best Apple products I bought. Design is top notch. It's a very slim machine for what it houses and is capable of. Though all the marketing images show it at a slight angle which people might mistake and think it's actually as thin as only that edge it still is very thin/slim.

The screen is gorgeous though it's not "Retina". I still like it a lot and maybe one day we'll have everything retina. For now this will suffice more than enough. The way they made the screen stick to the glass creates a gorgeous but also less reflective screen (Apple claims 75% less glare when compared to the previous iMacs). And it's true, though I didn't really measure. But in normal working conditions in a bright room the screen is still highly visible though reflection can be seen.

I configured the iMac with a 1TB Fusion Drive and bought me 32Gb RAM to max it out. And boy does it fly. Oh yes it does. Maybe with an all SSD-drive it would fly even more but it's blazingly fast as it is. Multiple apps open, browser pages, video and music playing and a couple of VM's running along? No problem at all for this baby.

Power consumption I don't really check, at all. So I never measured how much it sizzurps. I don't think you need to worry about that with such a great machine. Maybe the other reviews on here and at the big tech sites will have that covered.

For me it replaced the need to have AND a server for work VM's or to try stuff and a personal desktop. This baby does it both, fast. If you're looking for a great looking device but also need a lot of power. This is the way to go. It, of course, also runs OS X and if you're living in the Apple eco-system it all works perfectly (though iMessage on OS X could use some work - disappearing messages, messages that get delivered later etc.).

All in all a really good bang for your buck in my opinion!

Edited: added section about power consumption
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Good review. I agree with you that the design is pretty amazing. I still have my custom desktop with OSX and windows dual booted on it. It's still plugging along still pretty fast so I have no reason to buy a new desktop. Thinking about it though :-)

Thanks man. Yes, a Hackintosh :) If you can and want to build it, it's good. A friend of mine, photographer / Apple fanboy / geek, also built one with a bit better specs than this because he couldn't wait. But to me design is important. And as always Apple nails that perfectly.

Thanks for taking the time to write such a wholesome review. Great info on here. Short and concise, yet full of detail. :D

Thank you Met!