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  • Speed and features It's just so zippy, having only 4GB of RAM in my MBP 17", the extra 4GB in my iMac just blew me away. great!
  • Design and form factor No comments good
  • Expandability Being able to Upgrade the RAM ourselves is fantastic! great!
  • Noise Noise? What noise? great!
  • Size and weight No comments good
  • Power consumption No comments
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Just love the design, and the capabilities. Love the zippiness of the machine. Having only 4GB on my MBP 17" Late 2010 model and comparing how much more faster 8GB is just blew me away! Now I want to buy 2X8GB RAM to even make it zippier knowing that I'll be using FCP X, Garageband etc. Running the Parallels app was the benchmark I used in terms of speed comparisons. Running it on my MBP basically brought the OS X side to a screeching halt while the Windows was running semi-decently, whereas with the iMac, both the OS X & Win 7 were running great!
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