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  • Speed and features I wish there had been an option for a 6 core i7 extreme but otherwise the fusion drive makes it seem really speedy. good
  • Design and form factor It's Apple so the design is superb. I am willing to pay more for excellent design for a device I use all day every day. great!
  • Expandability While it has no internal expansion other than RAM the combination of Thunderbolt and USB 3 makes it really easy to add fast storage and features. good
  • Noise It's silent except when it is doing heavy computation which is rare. great!
  • Size and weight It is as thin as it can be for its size. I can move it easily and love its sculpted aluminum body. great!
  • Power consumption No comments great!
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I am extremely happy with my top of the line iMac 27. I paid almost $3000 for this computer but I feel the price is worthwhile since it is both a Mac and a Windows PC. I use Bootcamp to run WIndows 7 and also run Parallels 8 which lets me have both Mac and Windows apps running at the same time while using the same partition used by Bootcamp. I did replace the Apple keyboard and mouse with ones from Logitech which offered better features (solar power keyboard and very low power mouse).