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  • Speed and features the machine is fast and with the included software offers a really good starting point for the mac user out there. great!
  • Design and form factor 27 inch screen, all in one design that just looks clean add in the wireless keyboard and the track pad and you just have a gorgeous desktop. great!
  • Expandability you can add more memory and thats about it. you can't expand the hard drive or add a better graphics card or a sound card. basically you buy it and your done. poor
  • Noise No comments good
  • Size and weight No comments good
  • Power consumption No comments good
Detailed review
Overall I like the machine. I like the look and wireless accessories it comes with. I am both a Mac and a PC user but prefer the Mac as my primary machine mostly because of the ease of use of the software and the packaged software that comes with the machine.

The 27 inch 4 gig of ram, i7 is a really fast and responsive machine. Software loads quick responsive. I will admit that I do feel that for a machine like this 4 gig is a something apple should change and offer 8 gigs out of the box especially for the price of the machine.

I do feel that the machine right now is more power than I need but I plan on keeping this one for a few years and I like to think that I am “future proofing” myself some what by buying the i7. I have also ordered a memory kit for it to bring it up to 16 gigs.

Would I recommend this machine to a family member? No. I would suggest they go with one of the i5 models if they really want to own a Mac. I would also suggest they wait till summer and lion comes out as it will be an upgrade that I will likely have to pay for.