April 5th 2010 12:34 pm

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  • Ease of use Easy as pie. My 88 year old grandfather does it. great!
  • Speed Very zippy. great!
  • Configurability You are simply stuck with a bunch of square icons that do different things that don't really interconnect. No widgets. Most customization is folders. so-so
  • Ecosystem (apps, drivers, etc.) Lots of apps, but only apps. No widgets, no file system, no rooting. In the end, it just seems like there's no ingenuity. good
  • Openness Not open at all. Apple controls everything, most you can do is Jailbreak - and that's not even close to rooting on an Android phone. poor
Detailed review
iOS is just... simple. There are a bunch of apps, but no interconnectivity between them, and no real customization. It's a very closed system - everything is controlled by Apple... which is okay at sometimes, and bad at others. There seems to be an overall lack of community innovation. That's something you find on Android - just look at XDA Forums sometime and you'll see people who LOVE, literally love, their phone and their ecosystem. I never felt that from Apple.