April 5th 2010 12:34 pm

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  • Ease of use Can't get any simpler than a grid of icons. The only thing that might be tricky is the settings, but it's not too bad. great!
  • Speed No issues with speed on the iPad, though I think this is more hardware dependent. I've seen this OS run like crap on non-current gen iOS devices good
  • Configurability Wallpaper and ordering your apps - not much you can do to "make it your own" poor
  • Ecosystem (apps, drivers, etc.) Definitely has a ton of 3rd party apps to choose from AND most developers release them on iOS first. I wish there were more Google apps on here though. good
  • Openness Not a fan that I'm locked in to Apple's way of doing things, iTunes being the biggest annoyance. I'd like to see alt. apps like app stores, keyboards, etc. poor
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This review is based on my experience with an iPad and some limited experience with iPhones and iPods.

Of all the mobile OSes out there, I think this is the most stable. I do get a few 3rd party app crashes here and there, but I rarely ever come across the device freezing, which is something I experience with my Android phone. It's a mature OS that a lot of people are content with.

Since I've had my iPad, I've quickly I got bored of the OS. It's certainly a good thing that the OS is simple to use, but after a while it gets bland and it makes me wish that it had more interesting core features. Here are some things I don't like:
  • Notifications: I think this is ever iOS user's top complaint. They're intrusive and they don't leave any sort of clear indication once you dismissed that you got a text or email. It's really pales in comparison to Android.
  • Glanceable information: I wish there were more ways to view information without launching an app. On the iPad, there isn't a native weather app like you would see on an iPhone, so I have to install another app that is more than what I need. I feel like a lot of this basic information could be presented on the lock screen. The lock screen on the iPad is screaming to be filled with information.
  • Multi-tasking: I think it would be better fit to be called task switching since most apps get paused. Also, I feel like the bottom row that gets used to switch apps is really counter productive, especially if you opened a lot of apps. Most of the time it's faster to just to the homescreen and open the app you want than scroll through the insanely long list of apps you have "open".
  • No apps that can duplicate features: Android has a plenty of apps in the market that duplicate features. Some suck, some are amazing. While Apple provides a solid experience out of the box, I think there's a lot of improvements that can be done by 3rd party developers.

I'm hoping that the next version of iOS make some big changes!
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