June 7th 2012 8:31 pm

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by dave

Why do dedicated cameras take such horrible panoramas?
Kalalau Lookout: 9 images from my Nikon D300 stitched together in Photoshop back in 2007.
Back before we had this newfangled technology built into our cameras and phones that automatically create panoramas, we previously had to stitch together such a photo inside apps like Photoshop. It used to be a tedious process but has gotten much easier.
Once the smartphone revolution happened and everyone started developing apps, a number of... Read more →

by iDockMobi

Kickstarter ending soon, Why Wouldn't You Want In On This?
Why Wouldn't You Want In On This? I started this Kickstarter https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/idockmobi/bui... about creating a Platform that allows anyone, especially with NO Programming Skills to be able to get in the App environment and bring some of their ideas to life. Many people don't even think they can develop an app because it generally requires all a specific programming knowledge.
This platform is equipped to help beginners who can use... Read more →

by sas786

mobile operating systems
Hi all, seeing as most users on here have a good understanding of tech, i was hoping for a small request in getting some feedback through my questionnaire.
Im currently doing research on mobile os as part of my final year dissertation in computing and would be extremely grateful for those who could fill it out. Ive approached companies head on and they don't seem to have the time to spare 5 minutes (less than that even) to fill it out. No personal details are required, just simple information on... Read more →

by groovechicken

Leaving Google - Eternal annoyance is the price of liberty
[if you are impatient, just scroll down to the bottom to see the links to the articles in this series]
Forgive the adaptation of the popular 19th century quote, but it really is the best summation of the series of articles I am going to put together about my Exodus from the land of Google. Before I dive into how I have managed to replace Google services, though, I want to clear up why I decided to start breaking the chains of convenience.
Given Edward Snowden's recent disclosures of the universal... Read more →

by groovechicken

Sending Gmail to the Spam Folder
Of all the Google services I am kicking to the curb, I actually expected Gmail to be the most painful before starting this experiment (see the meta article for the back story on this series of articles - http://www.engadget.com/discuss/leaving-google-eternal-annoyance-is-the-price-of-liberty-1plj/). Surprisingly, though, it has turned out to be the least painful. In fact, I am even liking my new scenario for mail even better than the old "Gmail everywhere" strategy.
The reason I dreaded this... Read more →

by groovechicken

Replacing Google Voice
I knew before going into this exodus from Google (see the meta article for the back story on this series of articles - http://www.engadget.com/discuss/leaving-google-ete... that finding a replacement for Google Voice was going to be painful, and might not even be possible. I have sung the praises of this service since I first joined it when it was still GrandCentral. At that time, I had recently been through 2 different work-issued cell phones, with... Read more →

by dave

My problem with Siri...
I've been trying to make a conscious effort to use Siri more than just setting a timer while we cook. Things like reminders, notes, and the occasional Google or Wolfram Alpha query. However, there's one issue that keeps cropping up that makes it frustrating to use (besides its horrible accuracy):
Seriously! I have some sort of eloquent thought I want to save, or maybe a list of 5 items I want to add to a shopping list. I hit the home button, wait for the... Read more →

by frankspin

Favorite games from 2013
We've had some exciting gaming discussions here in the forums over the past year. We talked about our initial impressions of the new consoles, if Nintendo can survive, and even what games we're all playing. As the year wraps up I thought it'd be fun to get a good idea of the communities favorite games to come out in 2013. This serves as a great way to check out games you may have missed or forgotten about.
QuizUp (iOS): This is nothing more than a simple trivia game that you can play against... Read more →

by JasonTsay

My Year with Android
I’m coming up on a year of living with an Android phone, so I thought now might be a nice time to post some thoughts about it.
A year ago, I was using an iPhone 4, which I had seen though iOS 4, 5, and 6. I was on the route to getting a used 4S, and then Google came along and announced the Nexus 4 – a pretty well specced, stock Android phone for $350 unlocked (16GB). I’ll admit, although I liked what I was seeing in terms of Android evolution at the time, I was pretty deeply invested in... Read more →

by dave

Share your home screen!
It's been awhile since we've done this, but share your smartphone's home screen below!

(For those who want to know how to embed images, just paste in a URL that links directly to the JPG | PNG | GIF image as a separate line in the comment and it will be embedded when you reply.)



by dave

How much space does iMessage data occupy on your Apple device?
While chatting with a fellow coworker yesterday, he mentioned that he was perplexed on why the storage space on his iPhone 5 seemed to inexplicably disappear. After examining the storage options (which can be accessed by going to Settings → General → Usage → Storage), he found a significant chunk of data being taken up by the iMessage app. Almost two gigabytes of data!
I took a look at my own usage and discovered something equally crazy.
Almost 5GB of space on... Read more →

by dave

What does "fragmentation" mean with regard to mobile operating systems?
A recent post on Engadget about Apple offering older versions of apps that don't support the latest operating system resulted in a number of comments about fragmentation. They were always along the lines of something like:
  • Oh, so Apple admits fragmentation?
  • See, Android isn't the only one with fragmentation problems!
  • Apple is fragmented too, hypocrites!
I see these sorts of replies a lot when it comes to Apple. But I don't think people making this claim really understand what is meant when people... Read more →

by kris

iOS fragmentation barely exists, according to Apple, but is it self-selecting data?
After mentioning that 93% of iOS users were using iOS 6 on their devices last week at WWDC, Apple has released it in handy pie chart form!
Fair enough, most people I know seem to upgrade iOS as soon as they get the chance.
This is presented in contrast to Android, which has a lot more fragmentation in its OS versions:
There are lot of reasons for... Read more →

by cass

First impressions on iOS 7 Beta 1
I've been playing around with iOS 7 beta for a few days now and I wanted to share my first impressions on how it has been so far. Of course, this software isn't ready for prime time, but we sort of get the gist of where this is going. I'd also recommend not installing iOS 7 beta right now because of that reason.
Control Center
Control center is a nice addition and it's a long time... Read more →

by Met

Connecting Jawbone UP to your Devices?
So I just bought a Jawbone UP. I tried to connect it to my HTC One X, but it wouldn't connect on Android 4.1. I thought there was something wrong with the UP, but it worked just fine when connected on my iPad 4.

Anyone else have experience with connecting the UP band to other Android devices? How has your experience been?

by efibarra

iPhone Boredom
I've been the owner of every iPhone but the first one but I've reached a point where I'm extremely bored with it. This happened shortly after my iPhone 5 purchase. Although this is the best and most beautiful iPhone ever, I suddenly found myself yearning for something different. I made a rash decision and returned my iPhone 5 for an S3 only to run right back to my iPhone 5. I hated the Samsung apps and Touchwiz in general. Plus I felt a certain incompatibility to my spouse, family & friend's... Read more →

by marc

Nokia HERE Maps for iOS is here.
The wait for Google Maps to return to iOS may have just gotten a whole lot easier. No, GMaps isn't in the App Store yet. But Nokia's HERE Maps is, and it brings a highly detailed global mapping system to the iPhone and iPad, including live traffic, public transportation info, offline maps, and turn-by-turn navigation. It's not a complete replacement for Google Maps, and... Read more →