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Hi guys,

I just wanted to give a quick review on iOS6. I would just like to point out that I am a developer and this is not a Jailbroken device. I have been using the developer preview of iOS6 for a day and a bit on my iPhone 3GS.

Firstly, lets start with some of the main features.

I think one of the new features coming to iOS6 that everyone is looking forward to is the new Maps application. It is a great new maps layout that is a lot more cleverly layed out than Google Maps we have had for quite some time now. The basic view is very nice and detailed, however, one disadvantage is that Google was an already established map, however, as Apple is new to maps, the satellite and aerial view is incomplete and large areas have question marks over them as Apple has not yet got a satellite view of the area. Also the 3D view is only available to the iPhone 4S and iPad 3rd Generation users.

So to sum up the new maps feature, it is fantastic, however, you will only be able to enjoy the main 3D feature if you have a current device, and the satellite views are going to need to be solved.

Now, I'm not a user of Facebook who spends hours a day seeing what my friends are up to, but the new Facebook integration is really useful. You can post a quick status update from the Notification Centre, share a web page from Safari, and share a photo from the photo library. I think that this is loads more useful than Twitter, because for a start, I don't have twitter, but also many other people don't as well.

And while Apple were busy making iOS6 more China-friendly, they also included Sina Weibo for chinese users.

Or course one app has been added to the standard selection of apps which is Passbook. I haven't used it yet and to be honest, I can't see it working out very well. My tickets for a plane I have got recently are viewed in the BA app, but I can't view it in Passbook. Same with my Starbucks Card. I think it is a good idea but I can't see it working in the developer beta because there just aren't enough users. Maybe when it is released later this year, it will start to become more useful.

The iTunes store and the App store has had a much needed makeover and I have to say that I quite like it. Instead of the light blue bars at the top bottom, and the stripy background, it has been modernised with black bars and a white background. It is still very similar but I can't see any objections to this change as it has really smartened it up. The music app has had a similar makeover which has really modernised things a bit.

There are other small things that have been included in iOS6 and are probably not very noticeable. Where the status bar (with all the information), used to be white and have a coloured battery symbol, well that has been changed to a soft tone of blue. Safari, in landscape view now has a full screen view which gets everything like web address bar out of the way. And the camera app now has a black bar at the bottom with a white shutter button. And then there is Do not disturb that has been added to the settings menu but to be honest, there is a switch on the side of the iPhone that does pretty much the same thing.

Since this is the developer preview of iOS 6, there are certain blips that Apple need to sort out like when music is playing, and you press the volume buttons, the screen comes on, and when you open Passbook, the brightness gets turned up. Those are only two hick ups I found but the big problem is that it sucks up the battery life real quick.

Yesterday while using it in London, the maps took very long to load and took the battery life down quite a lot.

So overall, I would say it is definitely an upgrade for the better and when it comes out, I can't see why anyone would reject to getting it, unless you have a device which is too old for it. Which again, is bit annoying because original iPad users which only bought their devices two years ago, have now found out they can't get iOS6.

It's something that Apple needed to do, and have done.

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iOS6 on a 3GS doesn't show case all the features. Review is useless. Try again on a 4S and then update.

Is this a thing only on iPhone 5 or is it like an upgrade? if its an upgrade how much does it cost if it dows?

Helpful review for 3GS users!