June 7th 2012 8:31 pm

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  • Ease of use iOS 6 is without a doubt the best there it! However it is not without it's problems. great!
  • Speed No comments great!
  • Configurability No comments great!
  • Ecosystem (apps, drivers, etc.) iOS is a step backwards for Apple. Maps is without a doubt, just bad. It's incomplete and unpolished. Shame on Apple. so-so
  • Openness Apple could work harder on playing well with others... good
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I'm a longtime Apple Fanboy but with each new thing Apple does I become a little less of a fan. I'm not a hater. Honest. I just am saddened by the direction Apple is going.

iCould works great for things like apps, contacts, calendar and mail. However in other areas iCould is horrid. If I save a doc in Preview on OS X to iCloud and then try to find it on iOS it is nowhere! Apple should go and try and by dropbox again and would be wise to pay what ever dropbox wants.

Maps is a joke...Sure it will get better with time but Apple should know better than to release something this bad. It should have been brought out as a beta or alpha first.

Facebook integration is very basic. It allows you to post to your wall only. Want to post on a friends wall, send a message, or do other basic FB functionality? Too Bad.

YouTube is gone...Sure I can get the google app but it's iPhone only and AirPlay does not work as well.

At least I can update apps without having to enter my password anymore. I guess I should be grateful that Apple has allowed me to do that.

If Apple keeps this up they are going to drive me into the arms of another lover...So so sad. I miss Steve!

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This is spot on. Never noticed YouTube had been taken off.
iCloud is a disappointment and should be drop box.