May 1st 2013 9:59 am

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by timchoi89

Why is pinning music in Google Play Music for iOS so so so SLOW?
I have an iPod Touch 5th Gen with Google Play Music installed. Since the iPod Touch is wifi only I have to make sure that my music on it is downloaded so I can play them in the car when going on trips. Do any of y'all experience really slow pinning on GPM for iOS? If so, do you know a solution?
Also, just some BG info before someone suggest I stream on my phone, I do use GPM on my Android phone but 3G is useless travelling in regional middle of nowhere Queensland Australia. I'd also rather use...

by dave

What a ducking piece of shot. How do you get around spellcheck "issues" on your phone?
Veronica's tweet about swearing on the iPhone earlier today reminded me of something:
What are your tips and methods for getting around 'ducking' problems on your iPhone. (Do Android phones have this problem or are you able to customize the built in dictionary?)
I've seen the following ideas:
Add shortcuts:
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