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by dave

Do you make music using a mobile device? If so, share it!
Both Android and iOS devices have a ton of music creation apps. It's something I'm really interested in (though I completely suck at it, myself). Have you made any music exclusively on your mobile device? If so, share the details below!

This is sort of cheating, but here is my auto-tuned song called "It's Monday," created using "Songify" by Smule.


I'll have to dig through my collection and see if there are other random songs.

by JasonTsay

My Year with Android
I’m coming up on a year of living with an Android phone, so I thought now might be a nice time to post some thoughts about it.
A year ago, I was using an iPhone 4, which I had seen though iOS 4, 5, and 6. I was on the route to getting a used 4S, and then Google came along and announced the Nexus 4 – a pretty well specced, stock Android phone for $350 unlocked (16GB). I’ll admit, although I liked what I was seeing in terms of Android evolution at the time, I was pretty deeply invested in... Read more →

by frankspin

Moving from Android to iOS is not as bad as you think
As a previous Android user I often saw a lot of Android users exclaim about how coming to Android was such a liberating experience from the grasp of Apple's walled garden. For the last few years I believed this, but over time I started to open up to what Apple and iOS have to offer. After moving to the iPhone 5s this past September I can comfortably say making the move is not nearly as bad as it's made out to be, and to be honest it's been nice to not have the freedom that Android provides.
... Read more →

by sirijo

Are mobile games becoming unfashionable?
Somewhere between 2004 (release of the original DS) and 2011 (3DS) I found that my habit for mobile games had altered. I went from training Pokémon on the bus to blasting marbles around in Peggle. It was a natural shift and whilst my portable Nintendo still saw new experiences come along they came along alot less than my trusty old Gameboy Advance during its hey day.
However as time went on the things I was playing on the go seemingly became less original and I felt that every new app I tried... Read more →

by dave

Share your home screen!
It's been awhile since we've done this, but share your smartphone's home screen below!

(For those who want to know how to embed images, just paste in a URL that links directly to the JPG | PNG | GIF image as a separate line in the comment and it will be embedded when you reply.)



by dave

How much space does iMessage data occupy on your Apple device?
While chatting with a fellow coworker yesterday, he mentioned that he was perplexed on why the storage space on his iPhone 5 seemed to inexplicably disappear. After examining the storage options (which can be accessed by going to Settings → General → Usage → Storage), he found a significant chunk of data being taken up by the iMessage app. Almost two gigabytes of data!
I took a look at my own usage and discovered something equally crazy.
Almost 5GB of space on... Read more →

by kris

Nintendo is doing just fine and doesn't need to make games for mobile, thank you very much
It seems like every few weeks someone is writing a new article about how Nintendo is doing horribly and how they need to start releasing their games on iOS because that's where the future is.
These critics will always present this as a foregone conclusion, as... Read more →

by Timmay

All the problems, love 8.0 scores on both sides yet a 93?
I like how you guys don't know how to review an OS. Again reducing your credibility. GDGT is already laughed at on many review sites. There are plenty of software and hardware that got higher critic and user reviews yet are below a 90. iOS7 get's a 93? Same reason who no laptop is a must buy in gaming because apple doesn't have a dog in the show right gdgt? With all the issues this OS had ans still has it still get's quickly reviewed into a 93. Yeah makes sense why people are jail breaking and... Read more →

by LonelyBob

iOS 7 Save Password not working on gdgt?
Is it just me or does the Safari feature for saving your password not work on gdgt? Tried both mobile site and desktop site neither auto fills password after logging out and returning to the login page. Is this an issue with gdgt or something with iOS7? My settings: In General Settings - Safari - Passwords and autofill - names and passwords is checked and Always Allow is also checked. Anyone get autofill passwords working on ios7 on gdgt?

by CBRMichael

Podcasts and music changes
Apple decided to completely remove podcasts from the music app. It was an option in iOS 6. The interface between the podcast app(or any other non-music app) is clunky. It also means that the pause or volume reduction of podcasts is all over the map now. Please tell there is something new that I'm not seeing that will will make this work better. Please don't tell me to use some other miraculous app as they will have the same interface with the Bluetooth interfaces.

by dave

Are you affected by the iOS 7 iMessage bug?
Earlier this week, I noticed a fairly strange thing happening with iMessage:
As it turns out, there's an ongoing issue with iMessage. According to Apple, a "small number of users" are affected by a bug in iOS 7 that stalls iMessages and prevents them from being sent (as well as prevents them from falling back to SMS). I'm one of the unlucky few who's been bitten by this bug and it's infuriating -- especially since most people I interact with use iMessage!
  1. There are a...
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by frankspin

Are the iOS 7 animations causing motion sickness?
The Verge ran across an Apple support thread about a number of users complaining of headaches and nausea from the increase in animations for iOS 7. A number of users are chiming in to say they too are having issues from the new animations. The single biggest request is the ability to turn them off, or potentially speed them up.
I have to agree that the animations are a bit long in the tooth and they can be a bit excessive with the zoom-in and zoom-out affect.
If you upgraded to iOS 7 have you been... Read more →

by dave

What does "fragmentation" mean with regard to mobile operating systems?
A recent post on Engadget about Apple offering older versions of apps that don't support the latest operating system resulted in a number of comments about fragmentation. They were always along the lines of something like:
  • Oh, so Apple admits fragmentation?
  • See, Android isn't the only one with fragmentation problems!
  • Apple is fragmented too, hypocrites!
I see these sorts of replies a lot when it comes to Apple. But I don't think people making this claim really understand what is meant when people... Read more →

by dave

Discuss the Apple iPhone 5S keynote right here!
Places, people! The Apple keynote is almost here. Let's discuss the new announcements as they happen.
Follow along on Engadget's live blog, right here (all photos I post here are courtesy of Engadget): http://www.engadget.com/2013/09/10/apple-iphone-li...
Also, check out our discussion yesterday on what readers think that Apple needs to get right for the new iPhone:... Read more →

by dave

What does Apple need to do tomorrow for the iPhone 5S announcement?
"The iPhone 5 keynote last year was so dull..."
"Ho hum, new colors rumored for this iPhone 5C..."
"iOS 7 looks like a Fisher Price toy..."
"Apple Maps are still borked!"
We've heard variations of the above comments over and over, but it's almost time. Tomorrow, Apple will finally unveil their new iPhone(s) and iOS 7!
A lot has happened since the iPhone 5 announcement last year. Samsung has continued to dominate sales of... Read more →

by peterpat

I need some feedback on two apps! The project is for a good cause!
I have a feeling these two apps can change the lives of many people. My goal is to eventually make free versions of the apps, but for now I need to find a way to market them just enough to update them and revamp the website. Any tips or suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Feel free to check out this video for more information. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E5kr_xzgHGQ

by cass

First impressions on iOS 7 Beta 1
I've been playing around with iOS 7 beta for a few days now and I wanted to share my first impressions on how it has been so far. Of course, this software isn't ready for prime time, but we sort of get the gist of where this is going. I'd also recommend not installing iOS 7 beta right now because of that reason.
Control Center
Control center is a nice addition and it's a long time... Read more →