May 1st 2013 9:59 am

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  • Ease of use Even though Apple has changed and revamped every aspect of iOS, they've managed to make the entire experience familiar and comfortable for anyone upgrading. great!
  • Speed It's really going to depend on your device's specs. On the iPhone 5 and later, though, iOS 7 is extremely quick. good
  • Configurability Hardly different than earlier versions of iOS. Only the basic, surface-level ascetics can be changed. good
  • Ecosystem (apps, drivers, etc.) iOS still has the best selection of high-quality apps and accessories. great!
  • Openness iOS isn't open by any means - nothing new here. I consider that a good thing, but others may come to a different conclusion. so-so
Detailed review
Summary of the new features, with some short thoughts:
  • New Design: While it's definitely jarring at first, the user quickly gets used to the new look of iOS 7. After a matter of hours, looking back to iOS 6 results in cringing. The detail and quality in the design is leaps and bounds above that of any previous version of iOS, making the entire use of the device more functional and more pleasing. While there are still a few loose ends and oddities throughout the interface, I would expect these to be ironed out in time - iOS 7 is still very new, and its development has been rushed to be as far as it is today.
  • Control Center: This was such a drastically needed feature, and it's done very well in iOS 7. The menu that is displayed is, perhaps, a little cluttered, but it is too functional to be brought down by such a petty complaint.
  • AirDrop: I have not had the chance to use this yet. I assume that it works well in typical Apple fashion, but I feel like I will never use this over much easier and much more open means.
  • iTunes Radio: From my experience, which so far has been very limited, iTunes Radio is another solid place to listen to and discover music. I don't believe that it has any unique features, other than the fact that it is so well integrated into the devices that hundreds of millions of people use every single day.
Overall, iOS 7 is the best version of perhaps the best mobile operating system in the world. It takes the security, ease of use, and other ubiquitous aspects of iOS, and coats them in a much-needed and beautiful new look. Unless you own an older (pre-2012) device, and having the upmost amount of performance is important to you, there is hardly any reason not to upgrade.