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by Met

Does deleting a photo from your iPhone delete it from iPhoto on your Mac?
A friend of mine has the following setup:

Photos taken with her iPhone are backed up via iCloud and synced onto her MacBook Air.

If she deletes a photo on her iPhone, would it get automatically delete from the MBA?
What about the opposite? Would deleting a photo from the MBA automatically delete it from her iPhone?

by timchoi89

How can I get my iPod Touch and iPad to consistently connect wirelessly to iTunes and sync or use the remote app?
Basically, 90% of the time, my iPod Touch and iPad don't connect to iTunes wirelessly leaving me having to sync with cords or having a dropped connection almost every time I try to sync wirelessly. I've set my iPod, iPad, and laptop to have static IPs hoping that that would work but it's not. Any help would be appreciated.

by nitehawk

Possibilities with mac mini
I've been holding out on buying a new personal laptop since 2007. I've used my work laptop (Thinkpad X220) when I need to at home, but there's still some things you never want to download or store on your work laptop. I've bought the 3rd gen iPad and use it in place of a laptop for basic browsing and love it overall. The main reason I've held out on a new laptop is that I want an iMac, MBA or MBP, but don't see myself investing the time using it to justify the price tag. (I also don't have a... Read more →

by bradtastic

I'm an iPad/iPhone only blogger looking to switch from Squarespace to… something. Suggestions?
My problem with Squarespace is that it requires a desktop browser for full functionality and I'm iOS only. The Squarespace app is decent, but I can't add pages or manage them from it. Also, there's no way to rearrange objects or tweak the theme in Safari for iOS. I want more functionality, ease of use, and editing power because I like posting art and supplemental information at my site, http://saysbrad.com — currently using Blogsy for updates. Looking at WordPress primarily, but maybe there's...

by robertcampos

What's your best tablet + laptop/desktop office setup?
As a tablet and laptop owner who works from home, and with a growing number of people working remotely, I'm curious to know if anyone has any good setup configurations for using a tablet and a laptop simultaneously, from a productivity standpoint.
I find myself using my iPad for social media/news stories (Hootsuite/Flipboard), static task organization, or background music while using my laptop for more input-intensive related tasks, including online discussion/communication, email, Internet... Read more →

by manojsundar

Is Jailbreaking an iPad recommended? I know the advantages of Jailbreak. What are the disadvantages of jailbreaking?
I heard jailbreaking is legal. But some say that Apple violates the warranty if an iPad is jailbroke. Can someone tell me whether I Can jailbreak safely.. coz i have a new registered iPad and I dont wanna screw up things.

by timchoi89

What's a good wireless router to have for sharing media between devices?
So I'm here in a tiny dorm style room in Australia for the next two years and there's no wifi. Because of that, many of my wifi depedent devices are useless. What's a good router to have that's primary useage is networking my devices together (ex: streaming a movie from my laptop to my ps3)? Also, is it a standard feature in routers to be able to connect to a VPN? (Sorry if that sounded really stupid...I'm dumb when it comes to networking) I want my router to be able to connect to a VPN (if... Read more →

by manojsundar

Hey i have an iPad. I am planning to buy a good smart phone. iPhone and Samsung s3 interest me. If i buy an iPhone, will it make my iPad useless?
I just wanted to know what is the benefits of having both ipad and iphone, like the icloud. I want to know more about such pluses. Or does it make sense to buy the best android device (say, Samsung S3) and have best of both the apple and android world? ;)

by nextgenguy

Should I get an iPad case?
I just got an iPad, and I've never had a tablet before. The iPad has an aluminum finish at the back and is it necessary that I should get a case or something? And also since the screed is gorilla and that I'm not going to put it in my pocket, should I put a scratch guard? I am planning on getting a sleeve for ease of portability. Is that enough or should I get those hard shells and the Scratch Guard?