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  • Features Email, internet, calendar, contacts, photos, video, podcasts, and the largest app store on the market. Yeah, I give it a 5 out of 5. great!
  • Display This took my breath away. Watching my kids play on the screen, after they were in bed, it was wonderfully clear and vibrant. great!
  • Battery life You can get a full day's use, but make sure to keep your charger handy on a weekend trip you bring this device on. good
  • Ease of use So intuitive! Even my children can operate it with ease. great!
  • Storage capacity I would like to go 4.5 out of 5, since I am still hoping for the external drive. But with the cloud, it expands possibilities. great!
  • Design and form factor It is fun to hold, but I look forward to wrapping a case around it, once the cases start t come out. great!
  • Portability (size / weight) Easy to hold, not heavy at all. great!
  • Durability I have had it for a few days, I will update if I think it falters here. great!
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This 3rd generation was a great step for me, since I had the 1st gen. The display is so much more clear and the processor really helps normal usage zip for me. I love the iPad device!

The ease of use with the iPad actually encouraged me to purchase an iMac on my routine computer upgrade. I moved the HP to the basement for the kids and I use the iMac as my main computer. The iPad is a wonderful companion to the desktop computer. I still don't think it will ever be able to replace the desktop for me, but for casual email users and online shoppers it would be a tough decision.

I love the camera and the ability to post images quickly via twitter, email or facebook (with available 3rd party apps). The camera does lack controls like profile or macro modes, but you do have some photo editing available. I look forward to utilizing video functionality the wasn't available in the 1st gen, but again, no controls for controlling aperture or locking focus. What do I expect, I know.

I really like this device and encourage others to look more closely at it.
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I'm actually looking into buying the new iPad (3rd gen) as my first iPad purchase. It's more for business purposes but since I have a an iPhone 4S it will complement it well as a media consumption and web surfing device. It gets annoying to fire up my laptop everytime I need to browse for something so I like the benefits of having a lightweight and quick device to use in bed.

Do you think it will suit my needs well? I see that you have bought every iteration so I'm wondering whether you found it meeting your needs or not? Have you been able to view most videos on the web as well? I would appreciate the help :)

Apologies, I think I posted the comment under your review by mistake and I don't know how to delete/edit :P

Since I asked, what is your take on my questions above? Mainly:

1) Will it suit my needs for heavy internet browsing? I dislike waiting on my bulky HP laptop to load up everytime and the new iPad looks super quick and very lightweight which means I can use it in bed

2) How has your experience been surfing the web? I know it doesn't support flash so have you been able to find a way round that? Like downloading a browser app that supports flash, finding websites to be formated to iPads, etc.