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I own an iPad 1, 2 and now the 3, the iPad has a fantastic screen but Im not 100% sure that is such a big upgrade over the iPad2, for movies I really dont see the difference on a 9inch screen. I personally think its a bit over hyped. If you dont have great eye sight, go for the iPad2 IMO, and spend the money you save on extra storage. Im still giving it a 9/10

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I'm actually looking into buying the new iPad (3rd gen) as my first iPad purchase. It's more for business purposes but since I have a an iPhone 4S it will complement it well as a media consumption and web surfing device. It gets annoying to fire up my laptop everytime I need to browse for something so I like the benefits of having a lightweight and quick device to use in bed.

Do you think it will suit my needs well? I see that you have bought every iteration so I'm wondering whether you found it meeting your needs or not? Have you been able to view most videos on the web as well? I would appreciate the help :)